Vital Post Op Recovery (Orthopedic/General Surgeries)


Aids with bone and tissue repair, red blood cell synthesis, energy, and oxidative stress for all your pre-post-op recovery needs.

  • Benefits
  • Vitamin D promotes tissue and muscle repair, as well as bone health. Zinc supports your immune system (after having a high exposure risk from being in a hospital setting), Taurine is an anti-inflammatory and protects cells from damage, Vitamin B12 assists with red blood cell formation (to replenish blood lost during surgery), Vitamin C controls infections, and Glutathione improves vascular circulation. This is the perfect recipe for a vital recovery!

  • Ingredients
    • Vit D.
    • Zinc.
    • Taurine.
    • Vit B12.
    • Vit C.
    • Glutathione.