Vital Pre/Post Op Repair (Bariatric)


Aids with bone and tissue repair, red blood cell synthesis, energy, and oxidative stress for all your pre-post-op recovery needs.

  • Benefits
  • This drip provides hydration, assists with weight loss, boosts energy & mood, assists with pain management & wound healing. Post operatively, bariatric patient’s will not be able to consume the amount of water they need for months to come (which usually lands them in a costly ER visit). Why spend thousands when you can get hydrated in the comfort of your own home for less.

  • Ingredients
    • Vit C.
    • B12.
    • Taurine.
    • B-Complex.
    • Glutathione.
    • A Shot of Vit D.
    • Trace Minerals, mixed with Saline.